Smart PDLC Film

(Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal)

Imagine having privacy at the touch of a button. The revolutionary ability to turn transparent glass to an opaque panel happens with Smart Film. 


From conference rooms to the privacy of your home, this technology is simple and innovative. Turn ordinary windows into walls as smooth as whiteboards. 

From bathrooms to the boardroom, with the flip of a switch. The applications are endless. Switchable Film and Glass can happen in moments.

What Is Smart Film?

Smart Film is intended to have the ability to control the amount of light, and heat, passing through glass. With a switch of a button on a wall or smartphone app, the glass can change from transparent to completely opaque. Unlike blinds, smart windows are capable of partially blocking light And maintaining a clear view of what lies behind the window at the flick of a switch.

Smart Film technologies include electrochromic, photochromic, suspended particle, and liquid crystal device technologies in a state of the art thin film which can easily be pasted on any smooth glass.

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Light, Ultraviolet, and Infrared. Light (also referred to in professional
literature as radiation) is best thought of as a spectrum consisting of 
ultraviolet light (UV) at the short end, visible light in the center, and
infrared (IR) wavelengths at the long end.

Light spectrum

Smart Film Structure Diagram

Film Digram.png

Smart Film color options

Smart Film Colour.png

PDLC Technology 

Electrochromic Technology 

Can be used for interior and exterior glass applications

Used for exterior glass applications only

Switches from clear to opaque in less than a second

Available in a self-adhesive switchable film that can be 
applied to existing windows and laminated smart glass

Provides total privacy in its opaque state 
(cannot see through it)

Long transition to switches from clear to opaque. Larger windows can take 5-10 minutes

New glass must be installed. No film option for 
existing glass

Not used for privacy (you can still see through 
it in its opaque state)

Table 2.png

Smart Film also is known as PDLC Film provides Instant and precise privacy control

Efficient use of space in the built environment

Eco-friendly product

Exceptional optical qualities that reduce glare
and eye strain

Customizable sizes as per requirement

Sun Proof Thermal Barrier Blocks Heat 
from direct sunlight

Smart Film blocks 98+% of damaging UV rays

Hygienic low maintenance reducing the transmission of MRSA and VRE pathogens

Runs on standard 110 v 

Explosion Proof 

Sound Blocking

Reduce Energy Consumption  

Key Advantages 

Table 3.png

Smart Film Control Methods

Wall switch

Remote control

Home Automation

Voice Control

Movement sensor

Light sensor


Artificial intelligence (AI)

Specification of Smart Film

Frequency: 60 HZ

Ampere: 100mA/ sqm

Parallel light transmittance: 80% on 10% off

Sunlight transmittance: 80% on 10% off

Haze: 2% on  80% off

Switch: 3 million times switch on and off

Heat Rejection 40% 

UV Protection 98% On/Off

Application Of Smart Film

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